You’ve spent a lot of time choosing your skateboard. Choosing your board is essential for riding, from carefully selecting truck and wheel selections to different boards with different designs and constructions. It is also an expression of your style. But the shoes you wear can be another essential part of your skating setup.


Although skating has plenty of shoes to choose from, Van’s pro skates are one of the best flags. Famous for its unique rubber sole soles and a favourite of early skateboarders, van pro skates shoes have become the go-to shoe for skaters of all ages and levels of experience. No matter how – or what – you ride, Van pro skates shoes make classic skate shoes that you can rely on. Check out our pickers here for the best vans for skating.

Benefits of the best vans pro skates shoes

Extremely durable footwear designed to be used in one way or another. These shoes can cause severe wear and tear, as they are designed to help you walk, run, guarantee, fly, and much more.

Especially grippy soles. Made with a unique waffle sole made of a vulcanized rubber outer sole in addition to rubber, these shoes can help skaters get the grip they need on any board.

Flexible and breathable All best vans pro skates shoes are made of cotton-like material to keep your feet cool and breathable without compromising your ability to walk and be flexible while walking.

Choose your comfort level. Different styles of best van pro skates shoes have different amounts of padding, cushioning and ankle support. From basic styles without padding to cushioned ankles to high heels, there is an option for every skater.

Available in a wide range of styles and designs. Best vans pro skates shoes come in a never-ending rainbow of colours, patterns and designs. From simple, solid colours to bright patterns and classic character designs for TVs, movies, games, and more, there’s a pair of vans that let you express your personality.

Types of vans pro skates for skating


An ERA is the original van skate shoe. Like the first shoe made by Van, this is a true staple for skateboarders. Designed back in 1976 in partnership with skateboarders Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta, the ERA is a low-cut shoe with clean lines and simple design features. It has the feature of filling around the collar of the ankle for support and better shock absorption. Built with increasing rigidity and stability in mind, the Era can withstand and ride many riders.


There is another classic style of Venezuelan shoe. Although not originally designed with skating in mind, these vans have been a favourite destination for skaters and surfers since the 1960s. This low profile styling is comfortable for everyday wear, but it’s durable and flexible to keep skateboarding clothing and tears – and needs alive.


Old scale

If you are looking for skate shoes that are a little more stylish, a little more unique and a little more comfortable, then Vans Old Order is the type to consider. These shoes were the first to include an arch as well as a vans stripe, and they usually combine dual colours in each pair. Featuring extra padding and strong toe caps, these shoes are tighter and well-fitted.


Vans Slip-On is a really popular shoe. Although there are simple shoes in skating, the slip-on style is synonymous with skate culture from the late 1970s. Introducing scatter everywhere in the fast times at Regiment High, the slip-on is a well-kept and easy-to-walk shoe that does not feature any laces or ties. You can count on their comfort no matter what you do throughout the day.

Top brands


The vans first made shoes in 1966 with their unique waffle rubber. Initially, skateboarders came to this brand because of their delightful soles, and Van worked with skateboarders to design shoes designed for skater needs. Today, those shoes – such as Van Unisex Old School Classic Skate Shoes and Van Unisex Era Skate Shoes – are still popular.

Van for skating pricing

Most vans pro skates are classical for skating shoes and cost between $ 50 and $ 65. From slip-on styles to high-top styles, you’ll find basic van shoes. Vance offers this classic shoe style with “price increase” and “better durability”. Newer shoes with more unique styles are also in the same range. Van’s pro skates shoe sales also display often.

The hottest and most unique van skate shoes cost $ 95 or more. These include capsule collecting shoes, shoes featuring limited edition designs, and shoes with letters or pictures of big-name brands. Vans pro skates sales offer durable and affordable shoes often. 

Main Features

Reinforced toes

The toes are strengthened by one of the biggest assistants in offering skater shoes. Each pair contains special reinforced material from the toe of the shoe to the lace. This helps the shoes to withstand repeated wear, and it prevents the problem of holes around the toes.



Vans pro skates became famous for their unique waffle sole. Each pair of brand shoes includes a single element of vulcanized rubber that is left behind a waffle-like pattern imprint. The rubber on the soles is baked once during the manufacturing process to fix the rubber, then baked a second time to make the soles springy and attractive.


Padded foam insoles

Cushing and padding are important when you are skating, especially when you are trying to master them. Van pro skates feature bold foam insoles, and you can choose your padding level. Some pairs and styles feature extra cushioning, while others feature removable inserts. Either way, you can customize the padding to make your shoes extra cushioned or comfortable.

Other considerations

The “Pro” models are Van’s most durable shoes. If you want some really tough and fit skating shoes, you’ll want to consider the Van Pro skates. These shoes are extra strong, extra supportive and can beat. They feature elaborate details such as rubber toe caps, ankle-high ankles and extra cushions.

Grip tape can be tight on canvas shoes. Many vans for skating are made with canvas upper, while this makes the shoes lighter and more breathable, so they can be worn out faster – especially if you have a new grip. There is a tape. If you are bothered by the tightness of your grip tape, you may want to choose shoes made of suede.

Keep your board close when trying on vans. When you try different sizes of van shoes, make sure you have your board. You can get a sense of how different shoes will feel on your board, and you can better grip the grip with the soles. You will even notice how good your feet will be.

The best van for skating reviews and recommendations 2021

Van Unisex Old School Classic Skate Shoes

Van Unisex Old-Class classic skate shoes are a pair of shoes for any skateboarder. And that is why they are above us. These are truly classic shoes, with a trademark vanity strap and numerous benefits that keep you on your feet longer. These low-top shoes are specially constructed for durability in areas where skateboarders are most needed. They have reinforced toe caps that can compete with a padded ankle collar for a variety of gait wear and extra comfort and support. Cushioned, die-cut EVA foam feet offer better shock absorption when you hit the floor and your board. And in the trademark Van Waffle print, Vulcan’s rubber sole is flexible yet gives you incredible grip, strong traction and solid board fill.

Van Mens Vn-0tuy187 shoes

The Van Man Vn-0tuy187 shoe, also known as the Atom sneaker, is a shoe designed for active wearers. Designed to avoid walking, running, skateboarding, and more, this van pro skates shoe is a great option for skaters who want the best durability at a good price. It offers good value for money. Each pair is made of a single piece of canvas top, a vulcanized midsole and gum rubber. A padded ankle collar and tongue offer extra cushioning, and lightweight cushioned feet protect your soles. When you wear Atwood sneakers, to keep you perfectly comfortable, it will loosen your feet and suit you. It is even designed with street style in mind, making it a bit more fashion-forward than many other skating shoes.

Van authentic core classic sneaker

Vans authentic cover van pro skates classic are probably the best vans shoes for skating as one of the first shoes created by Vans; it is a classic among skaters – and for a good reason. Authentic is a show that combines lightweight with maximum flexibility, so you are never left behind on your board. Made of breathable upper canvas and a layer of cotton, you can keep your feet cool without adding extra weight. EEA cushioning and comfort for your feet. The sole includes a thin down profile and vulcanized rubber, with gum rubber oscilloscope and a signature van running waffle brake grip. When you ride, you will feel under your feet, and you will be able to perform tricks with the right balance of stability.

Van Unisex era skate shoes

If you are looking for a skating rink that has the approval stamp of the pro skaters, you will not want to miss out on the Van Unisex Era Skate shoes. When the Era shoe was first released in 1976, it was immediately popular among skateboarders – and was designed by two skating legends, Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta. Even today, these shoes still feature the same function and design, and they are amazing for mastering all levels of experience. They feature a low-looking silhouette, an extra gryphon waffle pattern made of vulcanized rubber and come in a wide range of colours and materials. When you wear this van for skating wear, you will have the right balance of board control and feel under your feet on all kinds of terrain. A bold collar supports your ankles, and double stitching offers extra stability.

Vans Women’s Old School Core Classic

While most vans for skating are designed to be unisex and fit any wearer, some are designed for specific genders only – and these vans offer the Women’s Old School Core Classic. With a slightly different, more feminine design and styling, these shoes have all the advantages of skating shoes made just for women. Each pair is decorated with Vans signature curved stripe and colourful trim. For extra durability, the double toe caps include double-stitched toe caps and the upper canvas in the shoe with the extra comfort lady kit EVA midsole. A gum rubber outsole gives you the right amount of grip, and a moulded TPR side cushions the ankle. You can easily feel your board under your soles, and the slim profile of these women’s shoes will help you maintain your elasticity.

Van Unisex Classic Slip-On

Van Unisex Classic Slip-On is a serious simple shoe. It does not feature any laces or fasteners, and you can easily slide it at any time. But that simplicity is part of what makes the Van Classic Slip-On a great shoe for skating. With a low profile and lightweight, you won’t feel the weight of these shoes. The top of the canvas is still rigid to avoid every breath and every ride. Filling around the ankles offers extra cushioning and comfort, while the legs and die cuts fill in the EVA foam filling, which absorbs excellent shock. Flexible accents on the sides help keep the shoes safe and comfortable. And you can’t forget about the vulcanized sole, which is flexible but still pleasant. This signature waffle patterned sole provides superb traction and solid board fill.

Van Men’s Sk8-High Classic High Top Trainer

If you want to do something different with extra support when skating, Van Men’s SK8 High Core Classic High Top Trainer is a great choice. They take the classic low-cut ski shoe from the van and add a high top with increased ankle coverage and support. The top of each pair is made of canvas, suede or leather – the choice is yours. You are breathing payment in the upper offer with a layer of cotton. The high collar is bold for extra cushioning and comfort, and despite the extra material, these shoes still feel lightweight. Each pair’s heels are cushioned, and the toes are further strengthened to prevent clothing and tears that come with skating. You’ll be able to maintain that flexibility and get board fill under your feet in these cool, unique high peaks.

Van Womens Authentic Lo PRO Skate Shoes

Spin based on the classic van authentic, Vans Women’s Authentic Low PRO Skate Shoe is a great choice for women who love skating to mimic the style of Vans Authentic, with a low profile and canvas top. There is a part – but these shoes are specifically designed to fit women’s feet and shoe sizes comfortably. Each pair of these low-top shoes is made of 20% canvas and 80% rubber. This rubber gives grip and flexibility to the shoes while keeping you onboard, whether you are skating easily or mastering tricks. Signature vans get completely sore when you move, and it still allows you to get the right balance and the board falls under your feet. And thanks to the sleek style of these skate shoes, you can wear them with absolutely anything.

Vans Kids Old School Skate Shoe

If you have young skaters who are just starting out in the sport, you can also get them a lot of their skate shoes – and the Van Children’s Old School Skate Shoe is the best choice. This shoe is made for children only; the shoe for adults takes a bit on the traditional Van Old Scale. And it has all the same benefits, which makes it a great shoe for young skaters. Each pair has a van-side strap, a low profile with laces and an upper made of canvas and leather or suede. Strong toe caps will compete with wear and tear over and over again, whether your kids are skating or playing on the playground. Bold collars around the ankles provide support while keeping children less flexible. And the trademark Van Waffle sole is made with a single durable and grip-enhancing rubber that offers traction on any board. 

Van Men’s Bearcat Skate Shoes

Van Men’s Barrett skate shoes are a new addition to the van lineup, but they make some serious hard shoes. If you are tired of dealing with shoes that often do not compete for wear due to skating, these are a great option to consider. The van bearcat is made of reinforced stitching and extra blanket toe for long-lasting durability with suede and canvas top. Specially designed for skating performance, each pair also has extra layers of comfort. The midsole auxiliary die cut is made with EVA foam, and a multi-layered rubber gives you support and cushioning against shocks and impacts. You will be able to grip your board properly with a single layer of strong waffle rubber, and you will need flexibility from your ankles to the soles of your shoes.


Vans can be tough when you first buy them. To break them off without blisters or discomfort, wear thick socks first to get extra cushions.

Most Vans shoes are unisex – especially all the basic styles like Era, Old Original and Authentic. This means that the majority will fit someone, and the fit will be according to different styles.

The canvas van is easy to clean. You can wash them by hand or stain any marks with warm water and mild soap. Just don’t throw them in your washing machine.


Q: How long have you been skating?

Van shoes usually last one to two years. The more you wear and tear your shoes, and the harder you skate in them, the longer you will live.

Q: Are skating vans good?

Vans offer many benefits that are ideal for skating. These shoes are lightweight, flexible, durable and offer great grip on the soles. Most of the styles in the van lineup are even crafted with the participation of skaters, so you can count on their performance.

Q: What are the best values for skating?

Most Vans shoes are perfect for skating. However, if you want a seriously tested and true pair, Van authentic cover classic shoes are your best bet? Designed by skateboarders for skateboarding, this style is designed to withstand every move and many miles on your board.

Final thoughts

Van Unisex Old Original Classic Skate Shoes are our choice for the best van for skating, with the help of these reinforcements that help each pair to cope with the repetitive wear of any type of ride. If you want another standard style that offers a great blast for your deer, buying Vans Men’s Van-0tuy187 shoes is a great price. Let us know in the comment what your favourite van for skating style is. 


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