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Have you ever wondered why a simple pair of shoes is called a “skate shoe”? Like running shoes and ballet shoes, skate shoes are specially designed to support your feet while skating. Because skating is a different activity, you can’t use running shoes while running. It can feel restless and insecure. Like ballerinas, you also need to wear shoes that protect your feet and allow you to walk beautifully.

Skate shoes may look stylish and classy, ​​but if you look closely, you will see that they have a special design. Really, what are skate shoes? Is the material used for this type of shoe different from standard kicks? How do you know if a pair of shoes is a skate? Find out here!

What are skate shoes?

A suitable skate shoe is made with skates that skaters need protection and support in the right places. Skater’s feet are exposed to an environment and activity that involves a lot of jumping and turning. As such, their shoes should be strong and durable. Skate shoe materials, stitches and construction determine how long a skate shoe lasts. Find out more about them below.


Commonly used to make skate shoes are canvas, hemp, suede and leather. Canvas and hemp are ideal because they are light weight and breathable, but they may not be as durable as suede and leather. In the meantime, you should decide based on how hard you are skating. If you are skating around the city for fun with your friends, then canvas or cannabis.  However, if you plan to practice more technical skateboarding and competitive skating on a daily basis, you need skate shoes that are not easy to wear or tear. So choose between suede or appropriate grain leather as these materials handle somewhat better concrete surfaces such as concrete and grip tape.


The support of skate shoes depends on the quality of the stitches. If you find that skate shoes fit well, it probably won’t go away quickly. Stitching well provides extra support to the vital parts of your legs. Good skate shoes have double to triple stitches around the toes as well as in the kick flip zone where the effect is greater on your feet. That’s why stitches are a must when buying skate shoes.

Single construction

There are two types of construction for skate shoes. One is called Vulcanized, while the other is called Cup Civil. Each of the two categories provides benefits. The best single construction boils down to your preference. However, look not only at the shape or style of the legs but also at your feet. Everyone’s feet are different and one type of construction alone can work better for you than another.

Vulcanized single

A volcanic sole has a flat shape that works best on a skateboard. It is flexible enough for ground tricks and technical street skating tricks. You can expect it to be the only sustainable one. This is because the rubber is heated for flexibility and strength so that it sticks to the top of the shoe instead of using glue. The only downside to this is the lack of support in the heel.


Skaters choose the sole construction of the cup because it provides the necessary protection for the feet and ankles. Because it is sewn to the top of the sole of the shoe, companies add support features such as airbags and heel support. This sole seems to be safer to use than a classic rubber sole. However, the tight feeling becomes a thick barrier between your legs and your board. That way, the board doesn’t feel bad when skating.

Skate shoe profile

Now that you know what skate shoes are and how they are made, you should also learn about its different designs. When you enter a shoe store, you will find skate shoes with low, medium and high profiles. All of these profiles have essential benefits. A low top skate shoe is for more mobility while a mid top skate shoe is for more support for your feet. Meanwhile, a high-heeled skate shoe provides the most protection for the ankle, but it can limit your gait and make it feel bigger. Like a single build, this category also depends on your preference.

How to choose skate shoes

Having a strong opinion about skateboarder shoes is a God-given right of a skater. But how do you know which skater’s shoes are good, and which are trash cans? There are many ways to decide which skate shoes are best and which ones should be thrown into a nearby wooden chip.

Ask your friends

The most common way is to ask your skater friends. If they hate Etnies, you hate Etnies. This method works for a short time, but there are some risks. Your friends may always follow you and you may never have your own opinion. Or, more likely, your friends may be wrong. They probably are. The more you know about skate shoes, the more you’ll discover that you think everyone is wrong. This is normal. It’s part of being a skater.

Give them a test

The next best way is to try them. It works better than asking friends, but it can be expensive. And, the more shoes you buy that don’t work, the more frustrated you become.

Consider the details

The third way is to actually find out if a pair of skate shoes is a good thing, and then look at each pair on a case-by-case basis. Here are some things to know if they are worth your cash:

Stitching: Look around the shoes and make sure they are actually sewn together. Not just sticky. And, they should be double-stitched, or even triple-sized, instead of just one. Good quality skateboard shoes need to be sewn together. It helps them stay together longer.

Material: What is the shoe made of? Canvas Throw it away, unless you intend to do something aggressive. Leather How thick Is it treated? Are there layers? Strong skate shoes are usually made of leather or suede, or something artificial that is just as strong. But beware – Fall is the only brand that strengthens synthetic leather. Some brands promise extra strong leather.

Reinforcement: It’s not enough to have a shoe made of leather – you need a lot of reinforcement. You’re not just walking in those shoes, you’re skating. And skating ruined the shoes – that’s just a fact. All you need is shoes that will last longer! Look for extra layers on the toe cap, some on the side where you will be dragging your feet with lace eyelets during olive, and around the heel. The more the shoe looks, the better it can survive a nuclear attack.

Weight: Here’s the balance. All of this support is great, but if the shoes are solid blocks now, you won’t have to deal with them too much. All this technology and design has to be so light to drag you down. But not too light – if the shoe feels miraculously light, it can be miraculously thin. Be careful!

Grip: The sole needs to be made of grippy gum rubber. Not just street shoe rubber. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Most of the big name skate shoe brands will be quite happy, but not all shoes made by any company are equal …

Recruitment: It’s a matter of taste. Some skaters such as bold tongues and heel collars, and a well-worn heel pad. But it doesn’t matter as much as you might think. Recruitment is for everyone.

Lace protection: This is a small thing that a lot of skaters lose when they look at shoes. Are lace holes stronger than metal? If not, you can easily tear through them. Does the shoe come with flared flaps with lower lace holes, protecting your laces when you do flip flops? If not here’s a new product just for you!

Pro signature: Putting the name of the supporter on the shoe is not a good shoe. Of course, there is a strange part here. A supporter with a good name will not want his name slapped on dirty shoes. This is a bad ad. So, if the shoe has a well-known, respected name, then there is a good chance that it will be a good shoe. But there are some exceptions – if Nawaz has his own shoe brand (like Hawk), that doesn’t mean all the shoes are good. At the moment, he doesn’t really get involved with every individual shoe.

Style: As far as skyability is concerned, this is the least important feature, but most skaters put it at the top of this list! It’s not important to think about style – you have to be like your shoes! But, it should stay off the list, and take a back seat for some other concerns!

In the world of skateboarding, a proverbial passage is to always look at someone’s shoes – do they have holes? With skateboarding technology and skate fashion in a zenith, there are fewer holes but more brands, styles and reasons to buy a particular shoe. Buying the right shoe means protecting your feet and making all the difference between walking with a limp.

Converse CONS Louis Lopez Pro

With Louis Lopez’s amazing skating skills, one should wonder, what are these shoes? On the contrary, seriously, Converse has developed a great skate shoe with all the hallmarks of style, durability and price point. Available in a score of Ringways, Lopez offers pro-skaters a unique custom option, including gold accents, fine stitching and durable shells for streets and skate parks. Just a look at these conversations [see what we did there?] Sometimes depending on your feet, the ‘fit’ can be different. Some skaters have complained of hard heels but they are only a short distance away and many appreciate the support of other heels. At $ 70, the overall price point is average but still lower than the market price for many shoes with similar style and performance.

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Nike SB Shane Skate Shoes

The Nike SB is presented as the top dog in the skate shoe sport for a number of reasons, but it is not possible to apply it beyond the exact time of development in each product. The Nike SB Shane is a testament to their hard work, as Shane collaborated with Nike for many years to create the perfect shoe for a tech guru, and it shows. With a unique sock liner and delicate but stylish features, the shoe combines custom low-lacing, a low-key perforated ventilation on the toe cap with a seamlessly remixed design. The biggest thing is that the price point can vary, with 80 beautiful quality before taxes. There are also a ton of styles and textures to choose from and not everyone has been fully explored.

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DC Shoes Legacy OG

If you’ve been thinking about it, DC LCC has been around since the turn of the century, you’re right. The legacy of the past is named after Legacy’s golden age of skateboarding, when DC Legacy OG was thanked by legendary skaters such as Josh Kallis and Steve Williams, during the infamous LOVE Park era. The shoe was torn. With even more durable materials and sleek design styling, it has been refitted in 2020. Legacy OG’s eloquent language and collar make it one of the most sought-after safety shoes on the market today, with a style that can be traced back to both stealthy and reminiscent skaters. Color ranges from 80 to $ 125. The price point will be the bold, large silhouette of the shoe for some people as well, which can lead to a sense of board and movement. All in all, these shoes are definitely worth checking out.

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Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid

The Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid is one of the rare shoes that fits into every retail category with best seller, best performance and best style. The famous SB Blazer got the full idea with Zoom Mid, as contemporaries will help stylish sneakers with the best shades of white, where they can be used by artists as a canvas for custom kicks. Create commissions to use. However, the shoe also comes with Pro Model of Shots in many colorways. Being the middle of a zoom blazer, it provides arch support and ankle support for aging skaters, while youngsters perform style and performance. The cheap side, like a ton of shoes, is surrounded by price at the $ 85 mark. It is also one of the most sought after non-skater shoes. The thing is, the shoes are so stylish you probably won’t want to skate them first. But remember they are skate shoes for a reason.

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Adidas Campus ADV

Adidas may be known for its athletic prowess, but nonetheless, it has been the most popular shoe manufacturer. The Adidas Campus ADV is exactly the same, ideally, inspired by the real campus from the 80s, where shoes quickly gained a cult following hip-hop heads. Years later, Cover Campus ADV combines years of sporting performance with a stylish shoe skateboarder that can be enjoyed. Known for its high-impact areas and non-slip tongue, snag fit and extra cushioning provide a bounce of plush comfort and stability. It’s just that the shoe only comes in black and cloud white, but the suited Ike look makes up for its lack of customization. Selling at $ 80 makes the shoe average or slightly higher in price, but if you’re lucky you can recapture a pair on a school sale or discount rack.

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Van Classic slip ons

Vans are a favorite of classic slip-on skaters and non-skaters alike and for many reasons. These shoes are the first pair that comes to mind when someone mentions ‘slip ons’. This is because of their reliability and consistency over the years. You know exactly what you’re paying for, exactly what the performance and the board feel if you’re an expert who values ​​those things. Most importantly, the Vans Classic slip-ons are by far the cheapest shoes. With a little research you can find them cheap at 40 40 and rarely ever exceed to 60. Unlimited customization, you can play unique styles or stick to traditional checkers or all blacks. That being said, the shoe has two big cones. Being made of canvas means that whenever triple stitches are made, the shoe breaks very easily. Second, the shoe is so light and thin, while giving the board an incredible feel, they are not ideal for jumping up stairs or absorbing impact. Still, the shoe follows for a reason.

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Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

One of the most popular skate shoes ever, the Nike Dunk Primer was an unofficial skate shoe before shoe companies actually made official skate shoes. In celebration of the Nike Sting, Nike SB promoted several releases of the Nike SB Sting. This shoe is the most stylish pair of easily crafted skate shoes which gives it a lot of professionalism with its bold tongue and the spirit of classic athletic rubber. There are some cons. The Nike SB Dunk combines the following denominations, whether it’s for SB Dunk or mid-top with pad collars. Releases often follow long lines, with prices reaching $ 90, and are currently only available at specialty stores and online retailers. While one of the most popular and preferred skate shoes, it has always come with a reputation for being easy to tear and not too friction resistant.

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eS Accel OG

We knew we had to add a skate shoe to ES, one of the most reputable companies of all time. Although the brand can no longer rule a market where it was once the king of the crop, ES Accel will forever be the premier skate shoe. In 2020, ES continues to sell shoes that made their name in ES Excel OG. No matter what company they are in now, every profession has had a pair of Excel OGs at some point and has won the # 1 skate shoe award several times in its history. Now to say that you should check out this shoe is a small thing, but it should be noted that the shoe technology and what we expect from skate shoes has changed since the concept of ES Accel OG. While many will find Excel OG a refreshing blend with the past, some contemporary or younger skaters will find its fit a bit older. However, this shoe deserves to shine.

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Vans Half Cab Pro

In skateboarding, some shoes will be popular forever. Half the cab by Vance tops the list when it comes to skate shoes known for every skate. Well, the Van Hoff Cab has been the centerpiece of the famous shoe brand for decades, appearing in today’s 2020 Mags early backyard pool shooting and enduring on skater’s feet. Using the new design features of durability and increased comfort, Vance developed a new name for the classic Half Tech with its Half Tech Pro. With more colors to choose from, the Half Cab Pro is a shoe that is worth its price of 70. The only grip of some skaters is how the hall cab has changed over the years. As competitors reach for cheaper production and economic goods, some say the shoe was not what it used to be. Regardless, you can get a pair and cast your vote. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Emerica Wino G6 slip

Rarely does a skate look great and the skate looks even better, but the United States has something to say about the Veno G6 Slip. This sleek and stylish slip gives skaters an alternative to other slip-ins that usually fall short of the style mark. Slippers are generally known to hurt your feet if you try any side effect skating, however, the American Veno G6 slip was built on the American Veno G6 U insole used to complete first rate. Double-wrapped velcro construction means maximum board feel and rough durability. However, the shoes have the help of American riders Colin Provost and John Dixon, who put up some obstacles in skating with their Veno G6 slip ringways. Although the shoe usually costs more than most slips, you can also find it for sale on the US site. You may have to pay a little more for these kicks but like the old saying: for you often pay your price

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New Balance Numeric 306

New Balance No. 306 was popularized by the crazy and red bull rider Jamie Fui, whose ability to cope with frustration with the powerful handrails demands the essential performance of a great skate. To be absorbed by its shock, the number 306 comes in seemingly infinite color paths that catch your eye with whatever color you want. The new balance of manufacturing running shoes shines through, with the help of an arch that meets the performance requirements for long distances. The usual price of this shoe is its price. . In 85.95, the shoe has to compete with the cheap shoes of well-known counterparts. That being said, the number 306 is dominant as one of the most durable skate shoes today, making the investment affordable.

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The best way to clean your skate shoes

Keeping your skate shoes clean is no easy task, especially when by nature your shoes are crushing dirt and blurring roads and skate parks. However, there are ways you can help keep your shoes clean and even touch them, even when they are covered in stains. You want to be sensitive to your shoes because some cleaning methods are better than others. However, here are some tips that skaters have been using for years to clean your skate shoes.

Toothpaste: This is one of the things that works very well, but no one really knows why. Toothpaste provides just enough protection against dust and grime, but not enough corrosion to damage any equipment.

Avoid Canvas: Canvas can be some very stylish skate shoes but they are usually the most troublesome. Consider choosing suede or leather that is easier to clean and lasts longer.

Soap and elbow grease: The most effective way to clean your shoes is to already have a DIY attitude as a skater and apply it here. A little dish soap and elbow grease can go a long way.

Washing Machine: You can put your shoes in the washing machine but make sure you don’t put them in the dryer for the risk of shrinking. This should be considered as a last resort.

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