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 penny board 27 inch

 penny board 27 inch

I first rode a 27-inch penny board on a tour of Australia a few years ago, and although I have been interested in the art of skateboarding for over two decades, I want to ride a penny board. 

Penny board 27 inches had a simple design, yet it was so smooth and comfortable. It was suitable for downhill riding and gilded easily on surfaces. The wheels are soft, with a standard effect, and can do some tricks, especially painting. The colours are really attractive, and the boards are very flexible.

I wish the board would come up with a grip tape that would make landing moves (like Oli’s) possible. But even so, is the penny board worth choosing a skateboarder?

Penny Skateboards Children’s Casper Skateboard

The Penny Board, or Penny Australia as it was formerly known, was first made in Australia. They come in two major sizes: 22-inch and 27-inch boards, but the Pie family also has a tall board, the 36-inch penny board commonly called the pie board.

These penny boards come in countless styles and colours that give them a distinctive identity—measuring 59 mm in wheel diameter, this Penny board 27. Cruiser is adapted for smooth riding.

Completing the 59mm wheel is an ABEC 7 bearing that makes the board feel smooth while riding.

The decking on the board is made of either plastic or maple material, so it is extra flexible. With a length of 27, it is easy to get people around in the corridor without colliding. The board comes in a weight that weighs about 22 kg and makes it lightweight.


The board fits perfectly inside your box, so you don’t have to worry about assembling it yourself. All you have to do is buy and get ready for a straight ride. What does it sound like? Penny board 27-inch cheap stock is available around the globe. 

The penny skateboard 27 inch is relatively stable due to its length, and its ride is equivalent to riding a longboard. 27 inch penny skateboard is ideal for late teens, has more control and can travel long distances without hiccups.

 penny board 27 inch

Main Features of penny board 27 inch

  • Manufacturer: Penny
  • Length: 27
  • Weight: 2.49 kg
  • 59 mm wheel diameter
  • Wheel hardness: 83a
  • Product dimensions: 2 x 7.5 x 2.1 inches.
  • Width: 7.50 inches
  • Product Name: Penny 27 ″ Cruiser Full Skateboard

  • Penny board 27 inch Decking

Penny 27 inch board cruiser decks are made of maple or plastic material, designed to give the deck structure a combination of strength and flexibility.

The thing that makes penny board 27 stands out is its size. With a length of 27 inches, it is larger and wider than a 12-inch penny board. At 7.5 inches wide, it can’t be compared to a 6-inch-wide board. This makes the Penny a wider platform for the 27-inch cruiser, making it more stable.

  • Bearing

ABEC 7 is equipped with premium bearings, large tensile bolts. These wheels help keep holders in place and give a disproportionate feel when riding. While this is great, you need to know that bearings are low and will need to be upgraded when they do.

Penny Skateboards Children’s Casper Skateboard, white, 27 inches

  • Non-slip waffle deck
  • Aluminium powder coated truck
  • 59mm 83A Punjab University Wheels
  • Truck

Money trucks are made entirely of cast aluminium. The purpose of trucks is to attach board wheels and bearings to the deck. 

  • The truck consists of two parts. 

The base plate, which is pulled over the top of the deck, and the hanger, through which the bridegroom walks. The truck is about 4 inches wide, making it capable of sharp drawing. Also, the board is much more stable because of their trucks when it is moving in a straight line.

  • Wheels

Penny board wheels are made of polyurethane material with a plastic cover. The wheel has a 59 mm (2.323 inches) diameter on a 27-inch penny board, which makes it perfect for riding skills. It is also adapted for downhill.

penny skateboard wheels

Wheel hardness (durometer)

The rigidity of the pie wheels, called the durometer rating, is an important factor in penny boards’ design. Measuring from 65A to 100A, all pie wheels are rated at 83A, making it easier to cruise.

What more do you need to know?


The board is, of course, not the cheapest. But I think it’s cheap considering how good it is. An adult can easily afford it, and teenagers can easily save it. It will also be a great gift for a loved one who knows their board.


The board is very light. Weighing 2.49 kg, it can be easily carried around without any hassle. If you have a large enough bag, it can fit in, convenient when you are mobile.

One of the popular reasons people choose penny boards is that they are not heavy. They are small, and they are very light.

What we like and what we don’t


  • Convenience definition for each user
  • Because they are small, they are easy to carry around (portable)
  • Crowded places are easy to visit
  • The board is very durable


  • Not suitable for performing tricks
  • It’s easy to lose stability fast, especially when you’re not on the right track
  • Penny Skateboards Children’s Casper Skateboard, white, 27 inches
  • Penny Skateboards Children’s Casper Skateboard, white, 27 inches
  • Non-slip waffle deck
  • Aluminium powder coated truck
  • 59mm 83A Cruiser Punjab University Wheels

Final Thoughts about Penny Board 27 Inch 

For beginners and experts, penny boards are a great board because you can easily carry them around and even cruise to large crowds. And because of their size, these barriers are easy to avoid.  

It’s designed specifically for penny board cruises, and although it’s larger than a 22-inch board, it can still be too small for some really large people. In this case, a longboard is recommended. If you are looking for a specifically designed board for travel, you may want to choose a pie board. 

However, if you want to face more skating challenges like traveling with some tricks, Longboard is perfect. But if that’s not your thing, you should get a full penny board.


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